Services We Offer

  • Auto Glass Repair/Replacement
  • Paint Transfer Removal
  • Window Motor & Switch Replacements
  • Door Handle Repair
  • Replacement Seat Motor
  • Frame Replacements
  • Applique Replacements
  • Molding Replacements
  • Upholstery and Interior Repairs
  • Headlight Housing Replacement
  • Side Mirror Replacement
  • Paintless Bumper Repair
  • And much more!

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Our Services

Headlight Restoration

Auto Glass Repair/Replacement

Your windshield is a structural piece of your vehicle. It provides protection while driving, absorbs impact during an accident and your passenger airbag actually deflects off of it during deployment.

Side Window Glass

 Window Issues

Having issues with your window not rollinh up or down properly. 11 Bravo can handle Window Glass but also Tracks, Cables, Regulators, Switches and belt moldings. We can replace side window and sunroof glass usually same day!

Exterior Restoration

Exterior Restoration

Don’t let that broken trim piece dangle for another minute. We can fix or replace almost any exterior car part!


Accessory Installation

Did you purchase a new grill guard or running boards but can’t get them installed on your own? Let us help!


Interior Restoration

We can fix everything from broken door panels and handles to carpet and upholstery repairs.

About us

Why Choose 11 Bravo Mobile Auto Reconditioning



To provide quality auto body repairs, both interior and exterior, at an affordable price. As a mobile auto body service, we provide a convenient, time saving solution to help our customer get back on the road as soon as possible.

What Does 11Bravo Stand For?

As a veteran owned business, we chose this as the name of our company because of the values it encompasses. Our owner JJ served in the US Army and National Guard for nearly 10 years! As an infantryman, the job identifier is 11 Bravo! His service to our country taught him to bring the values of loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity & personal courage to everything that he does! Hence, 11Bravo Mobile Auto Reconditioning was born!

Why Mobile?

Some may think being mobile may limit what we are able to do for our clients? In fact, it is just the opposite, by providing a mobile service we are able to limit the inconveniences caused by dropping off your car at a repair shop, getting a rental car, and trying to figure out when things are going to be ready. In addition, being mobile keeps our costs lower! We don’t have the overhead that some of the larger auto body repair shops have so we can keep our prices affordable!

Our Quality Promise

Our business thrives on satisfied customers that return for future work and recommend us to others. Knowing this, we hold ourselves to an extremely high standard. We do our best to provide our clients with an accurate estimate and timeline for project completion. With that said, not all dents are repairable with paintless dent repair. If we are unable to repair your vehicle to our quality standards, we will not charge you for the repair!

Remember the following:

  • Cheap work is not always good
  • Good work is not always cheap

That being said please know that we do our best to provide a fair price to all of our customers.


Your windshield is a structural piece of your vehicle. It provides protection while driving, absorbs impact during an accident and your passenger airbag actually deflects off of it during deployment. It is imperative that it remains intact and free of imperfections. Chips and cracks may seem like only a nuisance, however any damage to your windshield should be repaired as soon as possible. If the chips or stars are too large or too numerous for an adequate resin fill repair, the glass must be replaced to maintain it’s integrity. 11 Bravo considers customer safety our top priority during any auto repair, this includes our Auto Glass Installation. We only use the highest quality products and we are dedicated to insuring the proper installation of your new windshield.

  • Did a rock hit your window? We can fix that, by repalcing your windowshield for you.
  • Give us a call for a free onsite inspection of your windshield or window. Then we will provide a estimate.
  • Next we will order your glass and schedule a time for installation.
  • We will come to you and remove any current glass and install the new one.
  • Your satisfaction is our priority.
  • We provide cost effective glass and Work with your insurance company.
  • Next Day Install Available

Interior Vehicle Part Repairs in Glendale, AZ

Common Interior Repairs We Perform:

Do you have a car seat that needs to be repaired? How about a nice scratch on that center console that you have been meaning to get fixed? Broken door handle? We have you covered! At 11 Bravo Mobile Auto Reconditioning, we can handle most of your interior repairs for far less than your traditional auto body shop or dealership! Our clients are always amazed at how much we can save them! Here are some of the interior items that we can repair or replace:

  • Auto upholstery
  • Seat frames, tracks, motors, and seat belt
  • Door panels and moldings
  • Door handles
  • Window motors, regulators, and switches
  • Carpet
  • Cracks in your dash and fading
  • Some electronics

Accessory Installation in Glendale, AZ

Have you always wanted to put some running boards on your truck? How about an LED light bar? Maybe you purchased a body kit but just haven’t had the time to get that thing installed… Let 11 Bravo Mobile Auto Restoration help! We can help you install most aftermarket vehicle accessories with little down time while saving you hundreds from the dealerships or auto body shops. And the best part, we come to you! If you are looking to get some accessories or aftermarket parts installed on your car, truck or van, give us a call today for a free estimate!


Here Are Some Common Accessories We Install On Vehicles:

  • Aftermarket body kits
  • Light Bars
  • Running Boards
  • Grill Guards
  • Exterior Lighting
  • Wind Guards
  • Tonneau Covers
  • And More…

Side Window Repair & Installation in Glendale, AZ

Did someone or something shatter your side window? That can be a real problem. Sadly, you can’t drive for long with a broken window as it is an invitation for thieves and vandals to get into your vehicle. Not to mention a safety hazard when driving down the road. 11 Bravo Mobile Auto Reconditioning, can replace nearly any make and model vehicles side window glass for a fraction of the cost that other glass companies charge!

Also is your window not rolling up and down properly? 11 Bravo can handle Window Glass but also Tracks, Cables, Regulators, Switches and belt moldings. 

If you find yourself in this situation, give us a call today and we can get you a quote right over the phone!

Exterior Car Part Repairs in Glendale, AZ

Let’s face it, vehicles just aren’t made like they use to be. You would be hard pressed to find a new car with a steel mirror or bumper. Most cars and trucks are covered with plastic parts and they just don’t last as long as they use to. Clients bring us all sorts of issues… broken mirrors, broken tail lights, and so much more… Why use us? Simple. We can oftentimes save clients hundreds of dollars over dealerships and auto body shops. The moral of the story is simple, don’t drive around with that duck taped mirror any longer. Get that broken turn signal fixed once and for all. Call 11 Bravo Mobile Auto Reconditioning today for a free estimate!

Here Are Some Of The Parts We Fix Or Replace On The Exterior Of Your Vehicle!

  • Broken Trim Pieces
  • Rubber Window Molding
  • Mirrors
  • Power Mirrors
  • Windshield Wipers
  • Door Handles
  • Door Locks
  • Sunroof
  • Power Antennas
  • And More…
Belt molding replace

Introducing NuVinAir® Vehicle A/C Treatments

Today, people practically live in their vehicles. They eat, smoke and get sick. Kids play, spill and have accidents. Pets shake, rattle and roll. Before you know it, your car goes from YES! to feeling like a total MESS. Sure there are plenty of products that mask the problem but you and your family deserve better. As we all cope with the developing news on the coronavirus and changes to our everyday lives, NuVinAir Global is proud to continue providing healthier commutes for drivers and passengers around the world. Our ReStore and ReFresh treatments are used to clean the air of the vehicle and remove contaminants, odor, and pollutants by dispelling a dry, hygienic vapor that reaches places that sprays and wipes simply cannot.

NuVinAir® is fast, effective, and eco-friendly. There’s no harsh chemicals and absolutely no residue left behind. Stop with the air fresheners and masking sprays that just temporarily cover-up the odor and do what many of my clients have already done.  We provide two convenient services:

  • NuVinAir® ReFresh – This treatment will reduce HVAC pollutants, reduce odor, and clean the vehicle’s air.
  • NuVinAir® ReStore – This longer treatment will reduce HVAC pollutants, eradicate odor, and restore the vehicle’s cabin-space to pinnacle cleanliness.

The treatments are done with a cyclone process similar to a vaporizer. If you are a smoker or ex-smokers, pet owner, recently purchased a preowned vehicle, rideshare driver, have a stubborn odor after an event (vomit, spill, urine etc), sports mom, kids, commuters, medical staff, or recently ill, than you need this!



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